Pearl of the Wadden Sea

The smallest of the inhabited Wadden Sea islands, Mandø, is a unique and peaceful natural paradise. From Vester Vedsted you can drive to the island twice a day on Låningsvejen at low tide. During the summer months, a trip in a tractor bus across the mud flats to the island is really a great experience.

There are a number of routes on the island where you can explore the dynamic nature and cultural history of the Wadden Sea National Park on your own. A very special experience is the large sandbank Koresand southwest of the island, which is connected to Mandø at low tide. The sandbank looks like a vast desert in the middle of the Wadden Sea, and there are good opportunities to observe the seals in the Wadden Sea on a tractor bus ride to the seal sanctuary. Also the MöglI'm very good at finding amber here.

The buildings on Mandø are concentrated around the town of Mandø, which is located at the top of a row of dunes on the west side of the island. Here you can visit the church of Mandø from 1639, the mill Mandø Mølle and the museum Mandøhuset, an old seaman's house from the 19th century.

IMPORTANT! Remember to find out when there is high and low water.