Experience the atmosphere and life in one of Europe's most wonderful cities.

Enjoy delicious food and drink, shop in the many small shops, and take the time to relax and enjoy life.

Ribe offers experiences for the whole family and is ideal for day-visits or short get-aways as well as the full vacation experience.

Denmark's Oldest Church

The Romanesque church Vor Frue Kirke is Denmark's oldest and best preserved cathedral. It was built from 1150-1250 and is Denmark's only church with five naves. The 53 m high castle tower from 1333 offers an impressive panoramic view of Ribe and the protected landscape of Ribe Hovedeng.

The church is famous for the main work of the artist Carl-Henning Pedersen, who belonged to the artist group Cobra. From 1982-1987 he decorated the apse of the church with seven pen mosaics with biblical motifs at the bottom of the choir arch, glass mosaics in the windows and lime paintings in the vaults.


Jacob A. Riis Museum

US President Roosevelt called him "New York's most useful citizen."

He is practically unknown in Denmark.

The Jacob A. Riis Museum opens the doors to an impressive exhibition about the boy from Ribe, who emigrated to America in 1870. About the man who opened the eyes of the citizens with his powerful articles and photographs of the harsh conditions of the New York slums. And about his love for Elisabeth, which he finally won thanks to his tenacity.

The story of Jacob A. Riis tells the story of how the worst parts of New York almost perished, and the story of how the boy of Ribe became what the president called "the ideal American" through hard work, the will to create a better society, and the belief in himself.

Night Watchman's tour

It was the watchman's job to keep order and quiet and to take care of the street lighting at night and he was responsible for sounding the alarm in case of fire and storm tides.

He was also responsible for marking every hour strike by singing a guard verse. They sang to reassure the citizens that they were on guard, but also because very few people had a watch at the time. The singing was an important part of the job as guards, they were seen as a kind of professional street singers.

The tours start at the town square near Restaurant Weis Stue at 8pm every evening from May till October, as well as week 7 and Easter. Duration approx. 45 minutes.

The tour is free and is in both Danish and English.

Ribe Art Museum

The Ribe Art Museum was founded in 1891 in the beautiful villa of the rich Balthazar Giørtz in 1864.

Today it houses an impressive collection of major works of Danish painting from the pioneering and central periods of art history, with an emphasis on the romantic Danish Golden Age, the painters of the painters' colony in Skagen, the painters of Funen and the classical modernists.

The impressive collection includes works by important Danish artists such as C.W. Eckersberg, Chr. Købke, Vilhelm Marstrand, P.S Krøyer, Michael and Anna Ancher, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Vilhelm Lundstrøm Scharff and Edvard Weie.