Beautiful nature, tasty food and a variety of possibilities

Rømø means quality of life, freedom and authentic holidays for families, singles or couples. Well-being and wellness for body and soul and a paradise for wind sports enthusiasts who can feel one with the raw power of nature with sails or kites.

You can experience Rømø's beautiful nature on foot, by bike or on horseback and enjoy the wide beaches and beautiful forests. Visit the many beautiful shops and discover handicrafts and delicious local food, which are the icing on the cake.

Wide beaches

The huge beach area brings out the childlike playfulness in most people. You can race around on them with a kite-buggy, surf, make hang-gliding into an art or circumnavigate the island by bike or horse. Rømø was created by sand, wind and water, and after a long, active day outdoors you take home the finest sand in the sandals.


There are great bike tours in traffic-free areas where the whole family can take part, either on bicycles brought along or on bicycles from one of the many bike rental companies.

You can set your own pace, sprint or take a leisurely bike ride with a coffee break.

Experience World Heritage

Rømø lies in the middle of the Wadden Sea, which has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Take part in one of the many guided tours of the Wadden Sea. Go on an oyster or seal safari, experience the natural phenomenon "Black Sun", or go on a mudflat hike and experience one of the most fantastic nature areas in the world up close.

Rømø is a place for experiences and cosiness, so make your way over the dam and leave your worries at home.

The National Museum's Sea Captain's House

The National Museum's Sea Captain's House is one of Rømø's rich old farms, which is fully furnished, both in terms of the flat and the wings of the building.

The richness and splendour of the farm's interior are a clear expression of the high returns that the captains of Rømø made on whaling and trade. This wealth was invested on the home island.

The farm dates from 1748 and bears witness to the wealth brought to Rømø by the commanders (1700-1800). It was extensively restored with panels, ceilings and doors.

The walls are covered with Dutch tiles, and the inventory is very dignified by the standards of the past. "Commander" is the Dutch term for "captain", and there were always 50 sailors on Rømø at that time who were captains of Dutch and German ships whaling off Greenland.