Right by the World Heritage

The amazing Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Visitor Centre, with its adventurous and sensual architecture and unusual exhibition design, provides an introduction to the ever-changing tidal landscape and impressive flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea National Park.

Here you can experience a new extraordinary building by architect Dorte Mandrup, in which reed is used uniquely for the façade, roof and sub-roof. The entire new experience centre enhances the landscape and nature experience and provides an excellent introduction to the great natural values of the Wadden Sea.

The exhibition THE MIGRATORY BIRD'S WADDEN SEA by architect Johan Carlsson (JAC Studios) shows the Wadden Sea and its 15 million migratory birds in a magical, poetic and elegant way. Here you will find experiences that take the guests of the centre - both young and old - in a moving and atmospherically dense way into the wonderful and impressive world of the Wadden Sea.

It is advisable to combine a visit to the centre with a guided walk in the Wadden Sea National Park in order to experience this valuable natural area up close.