Tønder - a wonderful market town at the edge of the marsh

At the edge of the inner march lies Tønder. Tønder is an old harbour town and market town - Tønder received its town charter in 1243 and is therefore considered one of the oldest market towns in Denmark.

Tønder lies deep in the countryside and has been flooded several times during storm surges and heavy rain. Therefore, in the 16th century, dikes were built to protect the village from flooding. The dikes cut off Tønder from the sea and the town lost its status as a harbour town. Today, Tønder is protected by the advance dyke from 1979.

The village is characterised by beautiful old architecture with many richly decorated doors. The buildings were erected by the merchants of the village, whose trade in lacemaking and oxen brought great wealth to the village. Note among other things the house of the dike count in the pedestrian zone and the Uldgade street directly behind the pedestrian zone. The old craftsmen's and town houses on the cobblestone lane make Uldgade one of Tønder's most beautiful lanes.

The Kristkirken on the village market square is also well worth a visit. The church is one of the richest decorated Renaissance churches in Denmark. Right next to the church you will find the house where Hans J. Wegner spent his childhood, and in the water tower of Tønder there is the only permanent Wegner exhibition in Denmark.

Tønder Art Museum and Wegner

Here you can experience changing exhibitions of Danish and Scandinavian art from the 20th and 21st centuries. The Tønder Museum focuses on the Scandinavian aspects of art history and shows new sides to the works of well-known and lesser-known artists.

The encounter between Scandinavian art and the sensual environment creates an art experience of international standing.

You can also climb the water tower and explore the collection of the great Danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner. Try out the chairs and experience for yourself what makes Wegner and his chairs famous all over the world.

From the water tower you can enjoy the fantastic 360-degree view over Tønder and the impressive landscape of the Tønder March.