The Trade City Varde

The street layout of Varde looks almost entirely the same as when the town was founded around the year 1,100 north of the wading spot of the local river. The market town became one of the main cities on the famous western oxen road "Drivvejen".

Wars, rebellions, carelessness, and flammable thatched roofs have reduced much of the city to ruin on several occasions. So while the layout remains largely unchanged, many of the current houses in the inner part of the city resemble the appearances one finds in the great Varde Miniature Town anno 1866.

Varde Miniature Town

The Arnbjergparken park in the centre of Varde forms a beautiful setting around Varde Miniby, the oldest handcrafted miniature town in the world.

The town's more than 300 buildings are a miniature edition of the trading town of Varde from around 1866. The town was built on a scale of 1:10 and each building is an exact copy of the original building.

Varde is of course a much older town, but the inhabitants of Varde had bad luck in dealing with open fire at the beginning of the 19th century. Although the street is the same as in the Middle Ages, the buildings are newer.

The houses in the miniature city are built by the so-called Minimaurs. Retired, skilled and, last but not least, passionate and skilled men who meet all year round and work to build the houses in millimetre-precise copies with home-made roof tiles and bricks, down pipes, window sections and half-timbered structures. An impressive piece of craftsmanship and not least urban and cultural history.

Otto Frello - in the landscape of the imagination

The Frello Museum is the setting for a large collection of works by the exceptional painter and illustrator Otto Frello.

Otto Frello is considered one of Denmark's best illustrators. Otto Frello's paintings invite the viewer to activate his own imagination. His works are often incredibly rich in detail and can seem chaotic at first glance. The Frello Museum displays a collection of the most famous works by the clever precision painter.

Right next to the museum there are two very special gable paintings, painted after Otto Frello. Here, children and adults can immerse themselves in the world of Frellos, which offers many surprises.

Otto Frello was born in Outrup just outside Varde in 1924. After attending school, the young drawing talent completed an apprenticeship as a handicraft painter in Billum before moving to Copenhagen. In the capital he took drawing and painting lessons and finally mastered painting techniques to perfection and mixed the reality of everyday life with supernatural fantasy in his motifs.

In addition to Frello's works, the Frello Museum also shows changing exhibitions of the region's art and art history.