A touch of history

In South West Jutland you can go on a journey through time

Get close to the Vikings and experience the way of life in the Viking ages.

Ribe VikingeCenter

The Viking Centre "Ribe VikingeCenter" is a historical experience centre and the only place in Denmark that can present a coherent and authentic picture of the Viking Age in Denmark in the years 710-980 due to its reconstructed and living scenarios.

At your own pace, you can see the market square in 710, the port of Ripa Havn in 750, the town of Ripa in 825, Storgården farm and the ring wall in 980. You can meet the coin maker, the Völva, the housewife, the slave trader, the warrior, the turner, the glass bead maker, the big farmer and all the animals on a farm. Every day there are role-plays, crafts and hands-on activities, and events throughout the season range from Viking markets and warrior training to tales of legends and Viking festivals. There is no glass wall between the audience and the experiences!

In 2017, the RibeVikingeCenter celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Vikings built the church Ansgar Kirke from the year 860, which is today part of the exhibition.

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Ribe Viking Museum

The Ribe Viking Museum is situated in the centre of Ribe in a beautiful location overlooking the river Ribe Å and the cathedral. The rich and exciting history of Ribe from the Viking Age through the Middle Ages to the year 1700 is told right where the first town in the north was founded (around 700 B.C.).

Through many thousands of fascinating and unique archaeological finds and atmospheric activity exhibitions one can experience how one lived during the Viking Age and in the Middle Ages and learn something about the extensive trade with the rest of Europe in both ages. You can also board a reconstructed Viking ship - just like a real Viking on a raid.

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Bork Vikingehavn

When you enter the grounds of Bork Viking Harbour, you are taken 1,000 years back in time. Walk among the reconstructed long houses and see how the vikings lived and worked with various crafts.

Children can experience life in the Viking Age on the grounds of Bork Viking Port. They can drive small Viking ships in the moat, dress up in Viking clothes, play Viking games and romp on the Viking playground.

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