South West Denmark has a fascinating food culture
influenced by both gourmet and traditional cuisine

A diverse range of culinary delights awaits in South West Denmark.

The Wadden Sea is a treasure trove of delicacies, from shrimp and oysters to succulent marsh lamb and juicy Wadden beef. Meat from animals who graze the salt marshes of the Wadden Sea has a unique flavour. Their diet includes sea-meadow grass, which tolerates salt, so the animals ingest important nutrients and minerals that endow the meat with a distinctive and delicious taste.

Wadden Sea Lamb
Festival 2016

June 1.-14.

The taste of  Wadden Sea lambs from South West Denmark are, according to experts, one of the world's best.

Now they have their own festival, reaching from Tønder to Varde.

Red Deer
Festival 2016

September 1. - October 31.

South West Denmark will bring the imposing red deer into focus.

In several restaurants you will find red deer on the menu, and in many places red deer can be experienced in the wild at close range.

Oyster Trophy Week

October 14.-23.

A celebration of one of the most delicate and exquisite foods from Denmark.

Oyster Trophy Week features a number of opportunities to taste and experience oysters in traditional and modern variations.